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Outpatient information

At Southampton NHS Treatment Centre, we’re passionate about ensuring our patients and their families feel safe and comfortable throughout their stay. To prepare you or a family member before your visit, we have prepared a list of things to take into account before your visit.

Before your outpatient appointment

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Your appointment letter will state the time of your appointment. Please give yourself plenty of time to travel to the treatment centre. If your appointment letter says ‘please allow three hours’ this is because you are listed for a general anaesthetic and will require a nurse assessment.

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Ensure you drink plenty of water as you may need to have a urine or blood test. This is especially relevant to urology and gynaecology patients.

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If you require glasses please make sure you bring them with you, as you may need to read and fill out paperwork.

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Please complete any health questionnaires before you arrive, and give them to your nurse when asked.

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Make sure you have a detailed list of the medication you are currently taking and have taken in the past.

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If you are an ophthalmology patient, please do not drive yourself to the centre. If you wear hard lenses please stop wearing them three weeks before your appointment. If you use soft lenses please stop wearing them three days before your appointment.

When you arrive at your outpatient appointment

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Southampton NHS Treatment Centre is located on Levels C and D in the main block of the Royal South Hants Hospital. Click here for more information about travel and parking charges.

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Please bring your appointment letter as it will guide you to where you need to be. The outpatient receptionist will check your letter to verify your address, contact details and date of birth.

Waiting times

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We endeavour to see all our patients at their scheduled appointment time. However, there may be occasions where you will need to wait longer than usual due to unforeseen circumstances. In these cases our outpatient staff will keep you informed.


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