How will you spread a little kindness?

This Sunday 17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Every year, on this day, many people are inspired to spread a little kindness in a random way, but why save it all for one day?

Though Random Acts of Kindness Day is useful in actively reminding us to be kind to others, we don’t need to wait for one particular day in the year to do these small, kind things that can really help brighten someone’s day.

A bad night’s sleep, a looming deadline, a long list of to-dos, a spilled drink; there are many everyday stresses that feel too all-consuming when they strike.

In those times, a smile from a stranger, laughing at a joke or taking a walk with a friend, may be all that’s needed to release a bit of the built up tension. And these are things that can be done any day of the year.

When we’re kind – just to be kind – the reward centre in the brain lights up and leaves us with a warm feeling of satisfaction. So doing small acts of kindness is also a good way to be kind to yourself.

Here are a few things you can do today to help get someone’s day back on track:

  • Pick one thing you could use more of in your life (support, kind words, gratitude, compliments) and offer that to someone else.
  • If someone looks like they need a break, ask them to go for a walk with you. A bit of exercise, fresh air and a chat will help to clear their thoughts.
  • Let someone cut in to your lane. It will make the road safer and won’t delay you for long.
  • When you pass rubbish on the floor, pick it up and put it in a bin.
  • Remember that no action is too small; hold a door open for someone, smile at a stranger, or give your loose change to charity.
  • Bake something yummy for your colleagues.
  • Text a friend or loved one to let them know you’re thinking of them when you wake up or before you go to sleep.
  • Buy some bird seed and feed the birds.
  • Donate items you no longer want to or need to charity.
  • Write bad jokes and positive comments onto post-it notes and secretly put them in random places such as, on bus seats, in library books, in a restaurant menu, on a gym mirror or in a locker door.